Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear Rush: 851,000 Jobs Created in February!!!

Last month Rush Limbaugh (among many others on the "I will only report numbers that back up my worldview" train) made it very clear that he only trusts the non-seasonally adjusted job creation numbers from the Employment Situation Summary (this having nothing to do with the fact that January numbers are always in the negative millions thanks to holiday layoffs). So, I have challenged Mr. Limbaugh to only report the non-adjusted data for the rest of the year (I know, highly unlikely) and with this month being the first chance to do so, I wanted to point out that the non-adjusted gain for February (from the unadjusted January number) was a whopping +851,000 (or +740,000 if Rush prefers the Household Survey) jobs! That's right, in unadjusted terms, we had an absolutely blowout February for job creation in the United States.