Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yesterday's Market

After forming a double top (a and b), prices have moved lower, consolidating in two general areas (c and d).

Yesterday prices gapped lower at the open (a) and moved lower. However, their lower points (b) were accompanied by a reverse in momentum (c), signaling a reverse. Prices then rose into the 50 minute EMA (d). They then reversed again (e) and rose for the rest of the day (f), moving through the resistance areas established at the close of the previous days markets (g). Notice how along the way, prices fell into the EMAs (h).

The Russell 2000 hit support at previous levels (b) and rallied strongly yesterday (a). This is probably the result of program trading.

The QQQQs have had three big gaps lower over the last two weeks (a, b and c).

After gapping higher yesterday (a), the IEFs moved lower for the remainder of the trading session (b and c). Prices traded higher into the 10 and 20 minute EMA throughout the day (d).

Yesterday's bounce looks technical. The IWMs hit support where there were probably a ton of computerized buy orders. The Treasury markets fall also looks like like a "let's take some profits off the table" situation.

Gold is still in a rally (a) and has consolidated gains by falling into the 10 and 20 day EMA (b). Also note the EMAs are in a very bullish posture (c) -- the shorter are above the longer and all are rising.

Wheat continues to correct after breaking its drought induced uptrend (a). Prices are currently at important support levels (b). If they fall through the next area of support is at the 50 day EMA (d). Also note that momentum is clearly negative (c).