Monday, August 23, 2010

A few additions to the Site

- by New Deal democrat

With Bonddad's permission, I've made a couple of additons to the site.

First of all, on the right side I've added a list of the most recent comments, so it is easier to have and follow a conversation on any recent blog posts.

Second, I've added a few more blogs to the blogroll. I've tried to focus on some that are worthy of your attention, but not so widely followed as others.

Carpe Diem is Prof. Mark Perry's site. There are a plethora of perenially negative economic blogs, but Perry makes Bonddad and me look like suicidal Doom and Gloomers. The commentary is intelligent and is a good counterpoint to other blogs.

Tim Duy is a colleague of Prof. Mark Thoma at the University of Oregon. His economic commentary is always thoughtful.

A Dash of Insight is a trading and investment blog by Jeff Miller, with interesting meta-commentary as well (e.g., on Confirmation Bias).

Matt Trivisonno's blog is likewise about trading and technical analysis, (e.g., the recent upside breakout of the A/D line), but also includes the Daily Treasury update on withholding taxes, and some decidedly populist commentary.

Finally, Russ Winter's blog, a/k/a Winter Watch is back from behind a paywall, and so long as that lasts, he's added to the list. Russ's curmudeonly astringent humor is worth a read all by itself, but his analysis is top-notch, whether you a agree with him or not.

I hope you enjoy these, and hopefully we can add a few more goodies for you.