Thursday, August 29, 2013

Consumers Finally Realize CNBC (and Larry Kudlow) Are Worthless

From the New York Post

Tv viewers continued to trade out of CNBC in August.

The business news cable network posted some of its worst ratings in 20 years this month — attracting an average of just 37,000 viewers aged 25 to 54 over a 24-hour period, according to just-released ratings data.

That’s down 35 percent from a year ago, according to Nielsen, and the Comcast-owned network’s worst performance in the key advertiser demo since April 1993.

CNBC hit a peak of 162,000 viewers an hour in the key demo in January 2002. 


Larry Kudlow’s 7 p.m. show fell the most, recording just 20,000 viewers in the key advertiser demographic, a 53 percent decline

I stopped watching CNBC over 10 years ago and haven't missed it.  If I was going to watch financial TV again, it's be Bloomberg.  But, frankly, I'm not really impressed with any financial TV, instead finding the written news to be far more comprehensive.

And I have to admit that Kudlow's fall is more than welcome.  I never could stand the idiot.  It now appears that others have been catching on as well.