Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend Weimar, Beagle and Pit Bull

This has been a great week for the blog from a linkage perspective.  First, a big thanks to Professor Paul Krugman for linking to us this week.  In the immoral works of Wayne's World:

Our piece on how Cyprus became an international tax haven also attracted some nice attention from Business Insider and Abnormal Returns.  Who knew my day job would actually lead to a blog post?

Anyway for our new readers, I take the weekend off.  NDD posts a weekly high frequency indicator column over the weekend.  Until Monday (and the start of another trading week), here are some pictures of Mr. and Mr$. Bonddad's Pups:

Cassie the "legal beagle."

Lita the amazing pit bull, and 

Sarge the barrister Weimar (with photo shop help help from sister-in-law).