Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shout Out to My Co-Blogger NDD

Over the last few days, Mish posted a piece titled, "Demographics and Changing Social Trends Behind Gasoline Sales Plunge; What About Car Sales?" 

Well, NDD covered that same topic back in February in a piece titled, "Why the decline in gasoline demand doesn't mean a recession -- yet."  NDD was one of the first people to really cover the effect of gas prices and their effect on the economy and he deserves credit for it.

In fact, he deserves a ton of credit for being one of the best economic writers on the web, period.  When I first asked him to write here, I knew he was good.  But over the last few years his analysis has become sharper, more detailed, and simply better.  Bottom line: he's just damn good at this.

So, a shout out from one eco-geek to the other.  Now, it you'll excuse me, there's a central bank report I've been meaning to read .....