Friday, September 17, 2010

Join Bonddad and Mr$. Bonddad in Washington With Jon Stewart

I have done everything possible to make this site apolitical, and in general I think I and the other bloggers have done a good job. The reason for this is simple: I hate politics because both political parties are at best, inept. The Republicans have continually embraced an anti-intellectual agenda that adheres to "magic thinking" -- tax cuts pay for themselves, global warming is a myth, not teaching sex education prevents teen pregnancy etc.... The Democrats can't lead. For the last two years they have had large majorities in Congress yet they are acting like the system is paralyzed. And with the Tea Party, mere competence is optional.

But more and more our political dialog is about yelling. Data is irrelevant. And as such, I find all of it unwatchable and uninformative, with the exception of PBS. I read all my news with one important exception: Jon Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Bonddad watch Jon Stewart every night he has a new show on.

So when he announced his Rally to Restore Sanity we were very pleased. This morning we purchased our tickets. I want to encourage all readers to think about attending. First -- it's gonna be fun: Jon and Stephen Colbert will be there. And both are a hoot (I'm a Texan; I can say that and not be laughed at). Glen Beck won't be there pushing gold as an investment. In addition, I am hoping it makes an important point: tone it down, in the name of all that is holy. And more importantly, the yelling class does not speak for me.

Also -- if we get enough Bonddad Blog readers -- we may be able to have dinner somewhere. I think this is actually pretty important.

Anyway, this is my one public service announcement.