Monday, June 27, 2016

How Do I Know Brexit is a Bad Idea? Because the Guys at Powerline Say Not to Worry

     Powerline's writers suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect: they are too stupid to know that they are, well, stupid when it comes to economics.  If you search this blog for the word "Powerline" you'll see ample documentation that clearly demonstrates their economic incompetence.  But two stand out for special mention.

1.) Powerline's entire economic analysis for 2014 was wrong.  And I mean 100% wrong.  That level of incompetence has to be developed and nurtured.
2.) A big reason why they're wrong?  They rely on conspiracy websites for their economic numbers and analysis.

     Now we have Steven Hayword stepping up to the plate with this deep thought on Brexit:

Likewise I think Britain will survive just fine or likely prosper (just as California boomed immediately after Prop. 13), and the EU might even consider laying off some of the 1,750 linguists, 600 full-time interpreters and 3,000 freelancers it uses to facilitate its meetings in Brussels and Strasbourg (because what good is a European parliament if you can’t have multiple locations), or even eliminating some of the many mid-level Eurocrats who have salaries higher than Prime Minister Cameron

Does Mr. Hayword offer any analysis -- as in numbers, facts or figures?  No.   It's all going to be better now because the UK has thrown off the yoke of their oppressive EU overlords.

So, given that Powerline is a great contrary indicator, I'm going to reassert my argument that Brexit is a colossal blunder of epic proportions.  You can read my reasoning here.  But, that article does have facts and figures, so it's probably way beyond what Powerline's writers could understand.