Sunday, September 29, 2013

'Breaking Bad' finale predictions

- by New Deal democrat

Because I did so well a few weeks ago ( < /snark> ), here are my predications for tonight's finale of 'Breaking Bad:'

1. Walt will die (okay, that sounds pretty easy). I saw a post where "Felina" was the name of a girl in a song. The boy returns to El Paso for her and is killed in a hail of gunfire. So that's my guess for Walt's demise.

2. Walt himself is the one who writes "Heisenberg" on the wall of his house. It's his final way of saying "Remember my Name."

3. We, and Flynn, will find out that he is the reason Walt left Gray Matter. Why did Walt Jr. have to have cerebral palsy, for purposes of the plot line? Because his medical bills are why Walt Sr. accepted the stock buyout way back when. It also fits with his oft-stated line that everything he has ever done, he has done for his family.

4. Somehow Walt's true crucial role in Gray Matter will be recognized publicly. This may involve the poisoning of Walt's former partners.

5. Flynn/Walt Jr. will die. I envision his death will be sudden, wanton, and done for almost trivial purposes, like the killing of the college kid on the couch at the begining of "Pulp Fiction." It will probably be done right in front of Walt Sr. and possibly Skyler. It will be the final, biggest punch in the gut to Walt Sr. and to the audience. The ultimate price will be paid, by the one main character who has remained purely good throughout the series. And as I said last time, there is an innocent dead boy in the desert who must be atoned for. I am guessing the same person will be the triggerman.

6. Todd will get the ricin after shooting Flynn. Walt will con him into smoking the cigarette after Flynn is murdered.

7. Marie will survive and will raise Holly.

8. I don't know what will happen with Skyler, but she will not be alive and scot free at the end of the episode.

9. Finally, Jesse Pinkman will also survive. He is the one character who, against all others, has "broken good." Interestingly, the only evidence of his guilt -- his confession -- is not known to anybody still alive in law enforcement. Should his confession tape be destroyed, there is no real evidence against him. And although he too has done many bad things in the past, there is a morally fair way for him to walk free: the government needs him as a witness against everybody else involved in the entire two year long set of conspiracies, and he gets blanket immunity in return. The final shot of the series is Jesse, with Brock, driving off to Alaska.