Monday, April 29, 2013

Conservative Blogs Respond to the Reinhart and Rogoff Data Debacle

As readers of this blog (and many others) are aware, one of the primary papers supporting the austerity argument has come under some very intense criticism.  Not to be outdone, conservative blogs and politicians have rushed to the defense of their doctrine.  Below, I want to highlight some of the primary arguments advanced in support of R&R.

Perhaps the most in-depth analysis was performed by John Hinderaker over at Powerline:

Not to be outdone, his co-blogger Steven Hayward offered this well-focused analysis:

Ed Morissey at Hot Air made these observations:

And here is how the National Review weighed in:

Not to be outdone, Instapundit added this:

Larry Kudlow -- perhaps the leading economic intellectual on the right -- really hit the nail on the head with this:

And finally, Donald Luskin provided an incredibly well-thought out response here:

I look forward to the response to all of the above well-researched and conceived points.