Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where's Growth? Part 1: Asia

Over the last few weeks, I've been focusing a fair amount of time on the EU situation.  So, to brighten things up, I want to show various spots in the world where we are seeing growth: various Asian and South American countries.

Let's start with Asia:

 Let's start with the obvious contender: China.  Despite all this talk of slowing down, the "slow down" is relative.  The country is still growing at a brisk 7.9% annual clip.

 Australia -- which supplies a large amount of raw materials to China and other Asian nations, is also growing at a healthy 3.1% clip -- probably the best rate of growth in the developing world.

 Taiwan slowed last year, but their latest GDP reading is very encouraging and should point to better prints ahead.

 Indonesia has been printing impressive rates of over 6% the last few years.
 Thailand's latest numbers are probably a bit high, but even if they return to their 3%-4% prints of the last few years, they'll still be showing decent growth.
And Vietnam is also showing good numbers.