Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bonddad's Wednesday Linkfest

F. Hale Stewart is a financial adviser with Thompson Creek Wealth and a transactional attorney, specialising in asset protection and advanced tax planning. 

Brad Delong With a Really Important Insight

While standard measures show productivity growth falling, all other indicators suggest that true productivity growth is leaping ahead, owing to synergies between market goods and services and emerging information and communication technologies. But when countries with low-growth economies do not sufficiently educate their populations, nearly everyone below the top income quintile misses out on the gains from measured economic growth, while still benefiting from new technologies that can improve their lives and wellbeing.

Exports Jumped Thanks to a Large Increase in Consumer Durable Good Exports

Corporate Profits -- One of the Primary Leading Indicators -- Increased for A Second Consecutive Quarter

Consumers Continue to Buy a Lot of Durable Goods; They Bought a Lot of Cars Last Quarter