Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm a Twit!

Which, of course some people would agree with.

Actually, I'm announcing that I'm going to try Twitter out for a bit to see how I like it.  So, I've signed up and now have an account: @captivelawyer.  Why that name?  Because that's what I do professionally.  My economic writing definitely ties in with my job as I often wind up talking about investment philosophy and the economy, but I would like my Twitter feed to include other things, such as

1.) Tax analysis and ideas
2.) Legal issues and analysis
3.) Overall market commentary, and
4.) Economic commentary

All of which tie into my job, which is captive insurance structuring, along with estate planning and asset protection.

If you see a tweet that doesn't apply to you, please just move on.

Also, please post your twitter accounts in the comments so I can follow you as well.

Let's see how this experiment goes.