Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For The Love of God .. Can We Get Any Dumber?

From Marketwatch:

Charles Biderman, chief executive of TrimTabs Investment Research, is the latest and most credible person to charge that the Federal Reserve and the Treasury (in league with top Wall Street firms) is rigging the stock market on a daily basis.

In a special report released Tuesday, Biderman said the $6 trillion increase in U.S. stock-market capitalization since March can't be explained by the usual sources of funds flowing into the market -- such as mutual funds, direct retail investment, pension funds, hedge funds or foreign purchases. Read more about Biderman's theory.

The only logical explanation for the extent of the rally, he suggested, is secret buying by a government committee known colloquially as the Plunge Protection Team. It's like the dark matter that astrophysicists conjecture must be there, even if we can't detect it.

The PPT was established by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 after the 1987 stock crash to coordinate the government's response to market meltdowns. It consists of the Fed chairman, the Treasury secretary, the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

But here's the absolute best part of the story:

Biderman acknowledged that he had no direct evidence that the Fed and other agencies have intervened in the stock market. But he worried about what will happen to the market if the PPT has been buying and suddenly stops

He has no proof -- none, nada. He admits he has no proof. And yet he goes out and spouts this crap. And then -- Marketwatch gives him an audience. When did Marketwatch become Daily Kos?

Here's a news flash for you. It's right from the book, Winning on Wall Street. When interest rates go down, buy stock. Why? Because financing for companies is now cheaper, so it costs less to expand. That's econ 101. No -- that's before econ 101.