Monday, July 9, 2012

CNN lies about Economists' support of Bush tax rates

- by New Deal democrat

The lead story on CNN's Money section as I write this is titled Economists: extend Bush tax cuts.

OMG! The scholars have repudiated the Democratic position! Whatever will we do?!?

For starters, expose the fact that CNN is lying -- CNN, did you hear me, LYING -- about the results of its own survey.

According to CNN,
In a CNNMoney survey that asked 15 economists to rank the impact of moves Congress could make to help the U.S. economy, nine endorsed some kind of extension of the Bush tax cuts.

But five of the economists wanted to extend the tax cuts for all taxpayers, while four endorsed the Obama administration's call to extend the cuts for all but those in the upper income tax bracket.

So, let's do a little second grade math, OK?

CNN surveyed 15 economists.
5 said extend all of the Bush tax cuts
+4 said extend the Bush tax cuts only for those earning less than $250,000
9 That's the sum when I was back in second grade.

That means, 6 economists were against any extension of the Bush tax cuts.

When I went to second grade 6 > 5 > 4.

That means that the plurality of economists did not want any extension of any of the Bush tax cuts. Two-thirds wanted at least some of the tax cuts to be terminated. Only 1/3 of all the economists wanted the Bush tax cuts extended in their entirety.

So CNN decided to embrace the 1/3 minority in its headline, ignoring that the majority of economists wanted some changes, and the largest number wanted the cuts to expire altogether.

Our liberal media at work.