Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend Pitbull

Yes -- it's been awhile since I've posted any pictures. Life has been really busy over the last few months. In addition, we have a new, sad dog story to tell.

About a month ago, my wife and I found a stray pit bull in our back alley way. She was starving -- you could see her ribs. So, we started to feed and water her in the AM and PM. She stayed in the alley (it was overgrown with lots of vegetation, so there were plenty of cool places for her to lie down) mostly resting. Our vet gave us antibiotics and flea medication. After about a week and a half, she came up to us and let us pet her. She had no hair, infected eyes and was generally suffering from issues related to malnutrition. We named her Lita and Lita Ford (one of the original members of the band the Runaways, because, she's a runaway).

About two weeks ago, we gave her a small tranquilizer to calm her and got her to our vets where she's been ever since. In general, she's in pretty good shape. She has mites which in conjunction with overall stress caused her hair loss. Her eye infection is clearing up and she's feeling better -- she's far more curious about people and responds well to other dogs and the people at the clinic.

The only problem is my wife and I can't keep her. We already have three dogs and that's about the extent of what we can do. So -- if you'd like to take in a pit and know the breed, please leave your name in the comments. And now -- without further adieu -- here is Lita: