Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nortel Files for bankruptcy

From Bloomberg:

Nortel Networks Corp., North America’s biggest maker of telephone equipment, filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S., a victim of the global credit crunch and declining sales.

Nortel, based in Toronto, had more than $1 billion in assets and debt, according to a Chapter 11 filing of its U.S. subsidiary today in Wilmington, Delaware. Fourteen affiliates of Nortel’s financing unit are seeking similar protection in Delaware. Five units filed for bankruptcy there under Chapter 15. Nortel said Canadian affiliates also will seek protection.

“It’s the end of a saga,” said Benoit Lalonde, vice president of fixed income at Laurentian Bank Securities, a unit of Canada’s seventh-largest bank. Laurentian doesn’t own Nortel debt. “Nortel is a corpse awaiting burial. I’m sad to see it happen but the tears were shed many months ago.”

Wow -- I remember when Nortel was a hot stock that could only go up......