Sunday, July 22, 2018

The President of the United States is a Russian asset

 - by New Deal democrat

That the President of the United States is a Russian asset needs to be openly acknowledged. He may be a naive, negligent or unwitting asset, a coerced asset, or a willing and enthusiastic asset, or some combination thereof, but at this point there is no getting around that he is a Russian asset.

My readers who have followed me from progressive blogs presumably have no trouble accepting this.  But I know that I also have many readers from investment or economic sources, many of whom are probably Republicans. To them I ask two simple questions: (1) in what way has he acted in any way inconsistent with being a Russian asset? and (2) if you evaluated him the same way you evaluated SEC and other filings in order to determine whether or not to purchase a stock, to what conclusion would you come?

What possible reason could there be for a President of the United States to insist on meeting the Russian President both without any witnesses in the room, and also no means to verify what was discussed? Why would a President who is known for bombastically unloading on just about everybody else on the planet, refuse to utter, over a period lasting years, a single negative word about one singular matter: the conduct of the Russian state?

In the past week I have only heard three potential arguments against the fact posited by the title of this post.

The first comes from a comment here, which in summary says:
[H]e thinks he's doing great work; he thinks Putin's terrific; he thinks this will all be justified as a brilliant move once the nation and the world catches up with his brilliance...and, especially, he thinks he's enacting his supporters' wishes, sticking it to the uppity European deadbeats and mending fences with the "real" leaders.....
The fact that he concealed it all from his staff (nobody else in the meeting, etc.) [could just] mean ... [that] it was Putin's idea: let's be alone "so we can really talk" (with some nods to the dangers of "Fake News").
But this just means that the President is a naive or negligent asset, in so deep over his head that he does not know he is being played.

The second, from Al Jazeera, says that "Trump is not Putin's Puppet," postulating that he has parted company with Russian policy when there is profit to be made. But that implies that he has been both willingly and knowingly abetting Russian policy when there *is* profit to be made. And that, by further implication, suggests that he has already done so in his pre-Presidential career, which of course supports the theory that he engaged in money laundering for the Russian mafia, which is coercive both as a subject of blackmail and also as a threat of violence against his family members.

The third is that, in terms reminiscent of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, that no asset would be that obvious. Well, a useful idiot certainly would be.

In short, I do not see how any person, discerningly sifting the evidence, could not come to the conclusion that the President of the United States is a Russian asset. We need to face that fact openly and publicly.