Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jazz Shaw Now Relies on Discredited Research For Bogus Minimum Wage Argument

I've blogged about Jazz Shaw several times before (see here, here and here).  He is economically incompetent.  Of course, that doesn't stop him from writing about economics.

He has relied on the works of Mark Perry of the AEI to argue an increase in the minimum wage causes job losses.  However, it turns out some of Mark Perry's assertions were based on, shall we say, highly questionable data methods.  Reid Wilson and H. Luke Shaefer at the University of Michigan document the faults at this link.  This type of issue brings into question all of Mr. Perry's assertions and, by way of extension, Mr. Shaws arguments.

If Mr. Shaw were an honorable or ethical man, he would print a retraction of his arguments.  

I'm not holding my breath.