Saturday, August 20, 2011

Changes to the blog page

- by New Deal democrat

If you scroll down the right hand side of this page, you'll notice a major change. Gone are the lists of economics and stock trading blogs, and instead there is a whole new widget called "my favorite blogs."

The change was inspired by Frank Chow, whose blog features an awesome list of progressive blogs that update throughout the day as new content is added. My goal is to accomplish the same thing here with economics and investment blogs. The list includes not just progressive favorites but also a few from other points on the spectrum, nerdy numbers-crunchers, and investment commentary. I've added some names that weren't on the blogroll, and cleaned out the dead wood. I'm sure I've missed more than a few, and I'll add on to the list as time goes on.

Feel free to suggest other names to add on to the list if you don't see a valuable resource, and of course check back in here during the day to see constantly updated content.