Sunday, September 30, 2018

A thought for Sunday: Trump is stomping all over the GOP's message

 - by New Deal democrat

If the Congressional GOP had their druthers, they would probably like the autumn mid-term narrative to be about a strong economy, low unemployment, a tax cut, and a big increase in military funding. In vulnerable districts, they'd like to run on local issues, as would GOPers running for state and local offices.

But I knew that was never going to happen, because Trump wants the spotlight to be on him and him alone, 24/7 and always.

So it was inevitable that he was going to stomp all over whatever narrative the GOP wanted to tell, with controversey after controversy after controversy.

And look, according to Gallup, what it's done to his approval numbers:

He's right back at the low point he was last December before the tax cut brought the country club wing of the GOP back home. His high point was the summit with North Korea's Kim in June. But this was immediately followed by the disastrous Helsinki summit with Putin, and recently by a very unpopular nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. After last week, one almost wonders if the GOP is aiming to get exactly zero votes from any woman anywhere.

This isn't going to change in the remaining five weeks before ethe midterm elections. Trump is going to keep on creating new controversies, stomping all over any othe news. He will ensure that he is the only issue on the ballot, for races all the way down to dog catcher.