Monday, October 24, 2016

Bonddad's Monday Linkfest

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XLIs Are Starting to Outperform the SPYs

XLIs Turned Slightly Positive in the Last 10-Week Period

General Dynamics, Caterpillar, Union Pacific and UPS are the Winners So Far

UNP Has A Great Profit Margin

Earnings season picked up its pace this week, and commentary was a bit stronger this week than last week. The first week of earnings is always filled with banks and most reported good results. Their performance is especially impressive given how difficult it is for financial services companies to operate in this low interest rate environment.

The election is also front of mind for many CEOs. Almost everyone expects that the end of the presidential race will lift a cloud of uncertainty over the economy. Whether or not the election will be a lasting catalyst though depends in large part on what the next President actually does. Either way, a new President will bring change, but perhaps one more than the other.