Monday, March 24, 2008

Today's Markets

First, sometime over the last few days a reader asked what software I use. I use Quotetracker. I use it because of convenience. I've used it for, well, a really long time. Also, someone else asked what degree I'm getting. I'm getting an LLM in international and domestic (US) taxation.

Now, on to the markets. All of the markets popped hard on the open. You'll notice on some of these charts that some had some gaps up (which are market by arrows). However, most of the big moves were done by 11 AM. All the markets formed a rounding top for the rest of the day.

Notice the increased volume in the last half hour of trading.

There was less of a sell-off in the QQQQs than the other two averages.

Note the strong bar on high volume in the last 5 minutes of trading.

This was a nice follow-through day from Friday.