Monday, June 22, 2015

The update ain't done till the Apps won't run?

 - by New Deal democrat

It used to be said of Microsoft that "The upgrade ain't done until Lotus don't run." Microsoft's OS "improvements" were notorious for rendering perfectly good older third party programs inoperable.

Well, apparently I'm not the only one whose iPad was turned into a virtual brick by the latest Apple software update.  Here's Atrios:
Also, too, thanks for bricking my inlaws' iPad with your "software update" and then lying about it to me. No I won't forget
 It took me two trips to the Genius Bar, one a marathon 3 hour session, to get my iPad back close to where it was before the latest softaware update.  My old photo library is still out there somewhere, and I have had to change how I post both here and at to get around new problems with Safari.

Apple blames everybody else for not keeping up with their OS updates.  But I never had a problem like this with Apple before. Software updates always seemed to make sure that older programs were still compatable.

Oh, and unlike Microsoft, once you update Apple you can never uninstall and go back.

Memo to Duncan Black:  call the manager of the Apple store in Center City Philly and insist that they fix the problem in store.  If you tell them you are a highly paid independent contractor, and your business depends on the iPad not being turned into an expensive brick, it helps.