Thursday, April 2, 2020

Why the States must surge medical supplies, explained in two easy points

 - by New Deal democrat

Point 1:

The most recent “plan” of the Trump Administration is to extend the lockdown through the end of April. It is based on the below graph from a foundation endowed by Bill and Melinda Gates:

The graph anticipates roughly 100,000 deaths during April and May, peaking in mid-April at about 2500 deaths per day.

But it also presumes that the lockdown remains in place indefinitely, or at very least that a South Korea-style monitoring system is in place by the time the lockdown is released.

Point 2:

From Senator Chris Murphy:

But Trump has no such plan in place, and is not taking any steps to put such a plan in place. He is expecting that the benefits will magically take place anyway.

Which means, since Trump will *never* undertake the necessary actions, either:

1. The lockdown is going to have to remain in place indefinitely, until there is an adequate treatment or vaccine;

2. The States go around Trump and his Administration, and put the system in place, including a supply of the necessary medical equipment such as thermometers and testing, in coordination on their own.

The situation is both that appalling, and that simple.