Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some New Things On the Blog

So welcome back from the weekend to some new things.

If you look at the right hand side you'll see that each day of the week I'm going to post a longer piece on that topic. (I couldn't help my late night TV/cheap AM radio self on this one. "Market Mondays", "Treasury Tuesdays" and "Forex Fridays" just wreaked of super-cheapness so I had to do those). The reason is it really focuses me not only on that particular area of the market, but it also makes me pay more attention to the inter-market relationships that exist between, well, all the markets. Also, by summing up a week's worth of information I'm hoping to see some of the larger themes that are running through the markets, which helps to see the bigger picture. Plus, I can put these stories together in pieces during the week as time permits which makes life a bit easier for me.

This does not mean I won't be writing about other things. I will. There are plenty of topics out there to watch.

So -- welcome to some new things. I hope you like them