Saturday, July 16, 2016

John Hinderaker Goes Off the Rails Again

     On Jule 28, 2005, John Hinderaker of Power posted the following paragraph:

It must be very strange to be President Bush. A man of extraordinary vision and brilliance approaching to genius, he can’t get anyone to notice. He is like a great painter or musician who is ahead of his time, and who unveils one masterpiece after another to a reception that, when not bored, is hostile.

After being mercilessly criticised -- and in an obvious attempt to walk back his public display of absolute fealty --  he posted an "update" where he claimed the statement was "tongue in cheek."  The update isn't dated, but it did occur after his original post.

     Let's be blunt: Bush was an abject failure.  He turned a budget surplus into a massive deficit, started a war that largely created the current political quagmire in the Middle East and left the country with the worst economic contraction since the Great Recession.  The only good thing he has done is to remain quiet during his retirement, possibly hoping that his silence will somehow improve his historical standing.

     Now we have this absolute gem:

We simply cannot afford another four years of such mind-numbing stupidity in the White House. Donald Trump has many faults as a presidential candidate. You don’t need me to list them for you. But he is not Hillary Clinton, he is not committed to a view of the world’s dangers that is almost literally insane, and he will not give us a third Obama term in either domestic or foreign policy. He also won’t appoint people like Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court. Our next president will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton; we desperately need for it to be Trump. He deserves, and badly needs, our financial support.    

Donald Trump is a racist; his public statements encourage violence and stoke the fires of xenophobia. 

He has publicly proposed defaulting on U.S. debt obligations, demonstrating a remarkable lack of ignorance on the basic underpinnings of international finance.  

His primary method of communication is Twitter, which limits the writer to 140 characters or less. 
And at least half of his content is comprised of simple adjectives (great, crooked) and exclamation points.   

Perhaps the most damning indictment of Trump is the following video.

I loved the WWE -- when I was 8 years old.  But, call me crazy, I just don't think Jimmy "Superfly" Snooka or the "Iron Shiek" are qualified for higher office.

The above clip, Mr. Hinderaker, is your preferred candidate for President of the United States.  If you honestly believe that this individual is qualified to lead this country, then you're insane.  Pediod.