Friday, May 11, 2012

Austerity is a Mental Illness

From Bloomberg:
Britain’s recovery remains at risk as Prime Minister David Cameron pushes on with budget cuts to reduce the deficit and unemployment near a 16-year high damps consumer spending. Nationwide Building Society’s index of consumer confidence fell in April, leaving the gauge more than 30 points below its average over the last decade.
That's right.  Austerity policies are a prime reason why the British economy is now in a double dip recession.  Let's double-down on this policy.

After all, if we keep putting our hand on the stove, at some point -- according to quantum mechanical theory -- the molecules of our hand will line up in such a way that the fire will pass through, leaving us unharmed.  Of course -- that will only occur after we've scorched our hand so badly it's no longer useful as an appendage .....