Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pardon me while I pat myself on the back

 - by New Deal democrat

I have a new post up at On January 8 I called both the timing and the price of the bottom and the subsequent rebound in gas prices. Since no news organization has come knocking at my door offering to pay me boatloads of $$$$$ for spot-on analysis rather than shoddy analysis out here in the Oort Cloud of economic blogs, please pardon a little chest-thumping.

Of course, I sarcastically concluded my January 8 piece by saying:
At that point we will presumably stop being DOOMED because of deflation, and will start being DOOMED because of high prices.  With both forecasts probably having the same accuracy.
So I would like to congratulate Wolf Richter, as republished by Naked Capitalism, for being first past the post, claiming two days ago that after a brief bit of low-gas-price-induced positivity, consumers confidence once again shows that, well,  . . . we're Doomed!