Saturday, February 28, 2015

A death scene for Spock

 - by New Deal democrat

As I have occasionally mentioned, I am a fossil.  I am also a nerd, which means I am thoroughly familiar with the Star Trek oeuvre. I sincerely hope that before Leonard Nimoy passed away, J. J. Abrams filmed a death scene for Spock.  Here is how I imagine it:

Spock 2.0: [enters hospital room under cloak and hood. Removes hood]: Is it time?

Spock 1.0: [breathing laboriously] Yes.  Are you in agreement?

Spock 2.0:  It is only logical that someone should have the benefit of your experience.

Spock 1.0 Then proceed.

Spock 2.0 reaches out to touch Spock 1.0 to perform a mind-meld.

Spock 1.0: Live long ... [pause]

We see, in several seconds at incredible speed, all of the episodes we have seen over the last 50 years of Spock 1.0's life.

Spock 1.0 ... and prosper. [Dies].

The mind-meld is still ongoing. Out of grayness, a bright light appears and intensifies.  We hear and see Spock's parents beckoning him to the light. Then the mind-meld fades..

Spock 2.0 [with all of the emotion reserved for someone who has just witnessed the squashing of a bug] Fascinating.

With that, Spock 2.0 pivots and strides out of the room.