Monday, March 22, 2010

Market Mondays

A.) This is a sharp uptrend. As such, it won't last long as trends this sharp never last that long.

B.) This is a very important line of support as it is the high of the last 6 months.

Also note that along the way, prices have moved through important areas of resistance which are now support.

A.) The EMA picture is still strong: the shorter EMAs are above the longer EMAs, all the EMAs are moving higher and prices are above all the EMAs.

B.) Momentum is still positive, but the MACD is about to give a sell signal.

C.) Money is moving into the market.

For this rally, the small and micro-caps have led the way. as such, their chart can give important clues.

A.) This looks like a rounding top.

B.) The MACD has already given a sell-signal

C.) The A/D line started to move sideways a few weeks ago.