Monday, April 6, 2020

Revisiting a prediction of exponential growth

 - by New Deal democrat

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that:

“Looking back over my private correspondence, I see where I first voiced the likely impact back on February 27. Here’s what I wrote then:
“The CDC only has 250 working test kits. They have *none* to spare to check for community spread. Thus the virus will spread for several weeks undetected until tests are administered among the first very sick. By then it will be too late.
“In short, malpractice by the Buffoon in chief could easily lead to tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.”
Today, April 6, 2020, the US has surpassed 10,000 coronavirus deaths. 

By way of contrast, South Korea, which recorded its first coronavirus case on the same day as the US, has only 186 deaths.

Trump has the blood of 10,000 unnecessary US deaths on his hands. And we’re still nowhere near the midpoint of this virus.