Thursday, March 8, 2018

One third of the way to the 2020 Presidential election

 - by New Deal democrat

Today marks 16 months since the 2016 election, and 32 months before the one in 2020.  

We are one third of the way through.  Barring a major industrial or nuclear war, we are going to make it.

The only major legislative accomplishment so far is the pro-cyclical, lopsided tax cut giveaway to corporations and the wealthy.  Additionally a bunch of lifetime judicial appointments have been made. 

On the executive side, there have been a slew of directives, and a bunch of regulatory backsliding, chiefly at the EPA, and net neutrality.

In 2021, the executive directives can be quickly undone.  New federal court judgeships at the lower levels can be established equal in number to those appointed by the current executive. Anthony Kennedy. bless his soul, looks like he is not retiring. The tax cuts can be reversed using the same reconciliation process as was used to establish them (and the booty clawed back). New regulators can restore what was lost.

And the blue tsunami of voters born since 1974 will building higher and higher as the red wave recedes one funeral at a time.

Deep breaths. We  will get there.