Friday, October 27, 2017

Weekend Pit Bull

          I started this blog in 2006 -- over 10 years ago (where does the time go?).  NDD started blogging over here a few years after that.  About three years ago, we started writing over at, which we still do.  I pretty much bailed on this site after the shift, largely because of time considerations.  Since then, NDD has kept the BD blog going, providing consistently great content to the readers on a regular basis.  I owe him a great debt of thanks and gratitude for all his work.

         For a number of reasons, I started back here a few weeks ago.  We still have some new things brewing, but they're going to take a bit longer to bring to market.

          When I started the blog, I had two Weimaraners - Kate and Sarge.  Unfortunately, both are now gone, as are a few other pups that I and Mr$. Bonddad have taken care of.  Now we have two pit bulls -- Pibbles -- named Mumph and Lita. 

          Your weekend pit bull means the week is over; it's time to think about anything except economics and financial markets.  To that end, here's Lita (top) and Mumph (bottom, with Elmer the pig).