Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Bonddad's Wednesday Linkfest

Important Charts

Semi-Conductor ETF Powering Higher

Software ETF Powering Higher

Spain is Still Trying to Form a Government

Weekly Chart of the Spain ETF

Weekly Chart of the UK ETF

The marked decrease in industry confidence (-1.8) was caused by the sharpest deterioration in managers' assessments of the current level of overall order books since February 2009. The appraisals of the other two components were either unchanged (stocks of finished products) or slightly worse (production expectations). In line with the pessimistic views on overall order books, the assessments of export order books and past production (not included in the confidence indicator) deteriorated as much as last time in October 2012 and July 2011, respectively.

Chart of EU Industrial Confidence

1-Year Chart of the EU ETF