Sunday, March 16, 2014

The missing Malaysia airliner: an intriguing "hybrid" possibility

 - by New Deal democrat

I just wanted to follow up my post yesterday, in which I indicated that once a mid-air explosion is ruled out, only 3 possibilities appear to be left.

There's been some interesting discussion today that opens up a "hybrid" of the three.

First of all, the abrupt changes in altitude have been suggested to indicate a struggle for control in the cockpit.  Secondly, it has been suggested that an aborted 9/11 style attack against a city in India fits the evidence.

I don't buy that a pilot would go through all kinds of exquisite machinations just to let the plane go 5 hours on autopilot till it ran out of fuel as a means of committing suicide. But if, after the plane was intentionally diverted, some passengers and/or remaining crew struggled for control of the cockpit, as happened on flight 93 on 9/11, in the course of which the cockpit and passenger cabin were suddenly decompressed, then the flight might very well have continued on its most recent setting, a la the case of Payne Stewart, until it ran out of fuel.

If so, once the "black box" is found, then all we will hear over the 2 hours of tape is, literally, dead silence.

[P.S.:  But I still hope the world's anti-terrorist agencies are preparing against the worst case scenario I laid out yesterday.]