Thursday, November 1, 2012

Morning Market Analysis

Copper's daily chart (top chart) shows a consolidation 42 and 45 that occurred over the summer.  Prices broke through resistance at the beginning of September, but the rally didn't have enough momentum.  Now prices are back to consolidation levels.  However, the weekly chart (bottom chart) shows that overall copper is currently involved in a near year-long consolidation.  The next price target is a little about 42.

After rallying since the end of July, the euro recently broke trend and is using the 200 day EMA for technical support.  On the weekly chart (bottom chart) notice that prices are right at the 200 week EMA and also hit the 38.2% Fib level about 6 weeks ago.

Even though the grains complex broke through resistance over a week ago, we haven't seen a strong move in either direction.  However, the entire complex remains elevated due to drought effects.

The Chinese market has been in a strong rally since the beginning of September.  However, yesterday prices hit key support levels at a time when the MACD was about to give a sell signal and money was moving out of the market.  These developments puts a big questions market above the rally.