Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yesterday's Market

Let's start with the euro. Remember the chain reaction that sent the markets lower: the euro dropped leading to a rise in the dollar. This lowered commodity and stock prices and led to an increase in bonds.

The euro broke though technical resistance at (a), consolidated gains in a downward sloping channel at (b) and has now moved higher. Notice the increase volume on the sell-off which indicates a selling panic. As a result of a rise in he euro

The dollar has dropped in a nearly identical pattern (note the similar a, b and c situations).

As a result of the dollar's drop we've seen some movement in several commodity groups.

Agricultural commodities broke through resistance (a) and rose into a downward sloping consolidation (b).

Industrial metals broke through resistance (a) but have been moving sideways.

Gold has dropped in a big way. Notice how prices have moved lower since moving through point (a).

The long end of the curve (20+ years) remains above highs set over the last year (see points a and b).