Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's Markets

The primary point of this chart is to show that for the last two days prices have been trading in a narrow range (roughly 50 cents with the exception of this morning's price action).

The purpose of this chart is to show that sometimes the analysis is far from clear. Note that on the top we have lives A and B. While line A is a longer duration and therefore more important, it doesn't connect the other points from later in the day. Line B connects the more recent points but is not as important as line A because line B is shorter in duration.

The same issues apply to the bottom lines. I personally like line C because it connects a large number of points. Using this line we could see that prices already moved through lower support and are holding on to the 200 minute EMA.

Putting this all together we see that prices have been consolidating for the last two days and are looking for a direction to move.