Saturday, July 16, 2022

Weekly Indicators for July 11 - 15 at Seeking Alpha


 - by New Deal democrat

My Weekly Indicators post is up at Seeking Alpha.

We are at the point where I suspect that after the Q2 quarterly economic reports come out, and the Fed’s next meeting/rate hike, literally *all* of the long leading indicators will be negative.

But, wait! There is a ray of sunshine still. Oil prices went back down under $100/barrel yesterday, equivalent to where they were when gas was $4.10/gallon. Take away the Ukraine-related oil shock, and not only might consumers start spending more on other things again, but inflation might decline sufficiently to cause the Fed to ease up a little. Maybe.

As usual, clicking over and reading should bring you up to the virtual moment as to the state of the economy, and brings me a few pennies for my efforts.