Wednesday, May 16, 2018

And now, time for a little shameless self-congratulation

 - by New Deal democrat

The Intelligent Economist has come out with its list of the Top 100 Economics Blogs for 2018:
The 2018 list highlights many newcomers and covers a wide range of economic topics. Blogs are included in categories ranging from general economics to specific topics such as finance, healthcare economics, and environmental economics. There are microeconomic blogs, macroeconomic blogs, and blogs which focus on specific geographic regions.. . . .   Candidates were chosen based on quality, not popularity or mainstream appeal.
And there on the list, along with all the traditional Big Boyz (and Angry Bear, where most of my stuff is cross-published), you will find this:

So, thank you to the Intelligent Economist, and you, Dear Reader, should consider yourself part of a small but elite group.  :-)