Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The danger of Donald Trump the demagogue: What Larry Summers Said

 - by New Deal democrat

Apologies for the light posting this week.  I'm travelling again.

No photo this time, but I just paid $1.49 a gallon for gas.  I wonder if i will ever see a price that low again in my lifetime.  Yesterday morning at hotel breakfast, I had an unpleasant encounter with an odler white couple badmouthing CNN for calling Trump on at least not knowing that he ought to refuse support from the KKK.

Which brings me to Larry Summers, who makes the best case I have read to date on why Trump's popularity is so dangerous:

The possible election of Donald Trump as President is the greatest present threat to the prosperity and security of the United States. ... [N[ever before had I feared that what I regarded as the wrong outcome would in the long sweep of history risk grave damage to the American project.
The problem is not with Trump’s policies, though they are wacky in the few areas where they are not indecipherable. It is that he is ... demagogically offering the power of his personality as a magic solution to all problems—and making clear that he is prepared to run roughshod over anything or anyone who stands in his way. ...

Donald Trump is the type of demagogue the founders warned us about.  Well put, Larry Summers.