Tuesday, June 11, 2013

South American ETFs Are Selling Off

Consider the following weekly price charts:

The Chilean ETF has an uptrend connecting the mid-2012 and end of 2012 lows.  Prices broke that trend a few weeks ago and are now below the 200 week EMA.  Additionally, they are sitting at price support established in mid-2012.  Momentum and volume readings confirm the break-down.

The Mexican ETF actually broke trend earlier this year, but consolidated sideways between the 70 and 76 price level.  Prices have bee moving lower for the last few weeks, breaking price support established earlier this year.  Momentum is dropping and volume is flowing out of the market.

The Columbian ETF broke its uptrend earlier this year.   Over the last few weeks we've seen some volume spikes as the selling has accelerated.  Momentum is dropping and money is flowing out of the market.

Peru's ETF had a solid uptrend that lasted over a year and a half.  But prices moved lower about 6-7 weeks ago, printing strong bars lower.  Also note that momentum is declining and the CMF is negative.

Brazil has been trading at low levels for the last year because of a slowing economy.  However, prices have dropping sharply over the last few weeks, bringing momentum down and leading to a slightly negative CMF reading.