Monday, July 2, 2018

A little site meta about "Weekly Indicators"

 - by New Deal democrat

Since a fair number of analysts and investors read my "Weekly Indicators" column (or at least the Summary!), I decided a couple of weeks ago to start posting it at Seeking Alpha as an exclusive contribution, which means I get paid per views. 

The site indicated that it might take 2 days for the first column to be approved and posted, and thereafter it would probably take 1 day.  Fair enough.

Well, it took until last Thursday to get the first column posted. Lots of glitches that I don't need to go into, except that I was pressed to be more opinionated -- whereas the entire point of the column is to be "Just the facts, ma'am." In any event, glitches all worked out, I submitted the second column to the editors early Saturday.

As of right now, 48 hours later, as far as I can tell no editor has even looked at the column. If the column isn't up at SA by the end of today, I'll post it here tomorrow before it goes completely stale.  If it is posted today, I'll update and link to it. 

I'll give this a shot for two more weeks, but if the editorial response continues to be this slow,  obviously it won't work.

So don't lose faith, the nerdiness will continue.